Museums To See In Knoxvill, TN

Knoxville, TN has various places for its residents to learn more about their city’s history. One of these places is the local museums. They are a great place for individuals of any age to visit for a fun day. Come check out these exceptional museums that will not disappoint.  


East Tennessee Historical Society

The ETHS is a non-profitable organization in Knoxville, TN. The society preserves artifacts to educate Tennesseans on the history of East Tennessee. The East Tennessee Historical Society was established in 1834, only 38 years after the state of Tennessee was officialize. 95 years after opening, the society started publishing an annual publication of excellent essays regarding the history and culture of East Tennessee. Originally known as the Society’s publication, these works have been published under the name Journal of East Tennessee History since 1990. The Society also regularly publishes two magazines: the tri-annual “Tennessee Ancestors” and the quarterly newsletter “Newsline”. The history center also has the Calvin M. McClung collection which is one of the most prominent genealogical research faculty in the Southeastern United States. The faculty also encourages people to properly research their family’s genealogy to find out more about their family history.


McClung Museum of Natural History

McClung Museum of Natural History is a museum located on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. The museum was built in 1963 and focuses on natural history, archaeology, anthropology, decorative arts, and local history. The museums host multiple changing exhibits of art, history, and culture. The museums have some permanent exhibits: The Eternal Voice, which included artifacts from Egyptian spanning to Ptolemaic Periods, the Civil War experience in Knoxville, Archaeology and the Native Peoples of Tennessee, Tennessee fossils and geological history, and Freshwater Pearl Mussels.


Knoxville Museum of Art

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