Neighborhoods in Knoxville


Knoxville has a lot of wooded natural beauty. There is a spring display of flowering dogwood and redbud. Many neighborhoods are named after forests, lakes, and hills or some combination of the three. Here are some neighborhoods in Knoxville, TN.

North Knoxville has easy access to downtown, ethnic diversity and a lot of architectural character. North Knoxville has cachet as an up-and-coming area with tons of architectural wonder,  a diverse population,, and easy access to the downtown area. There is a collection of unique homes in this area. They were mostly built in the years between both world wars. If you go in the Spring you will see beautiful gardens. There are many fixer-upper opportunities here even though there is a great neighborhood association. Home prices vary widely. People that live here are longtime residents, young professionals, families, and garden enthusiasts.

South Knoxville,  is a scenic gateway to the mountains and has some tourism. There are bungalow-style homes and craftsman homes. This area was founded in the 1890s. There is a wide central boulevard that was once used for streetcars. You’ll find the Tennessee School for the Deaf as well as the  Ijams Nature Center. The center is a  park and wildlife sanctuary.  It has hiking trails and programs for the public at large. University professors, community activities and diverse political viewpoints find homes here. The Dogwood Trail is Knoxville's springtime scenic driving tour. These beautiful older neighborhoods are in the woodlands somewhat so you won’t notice the city vibes.

The wealth of Knoxville's wealth was once concentrated here. You’ll love  Magnolia Avenue. Unfortunately, Magnolia fell into a state of disrepair and squalor when the wealth moved west but activists are working to restore it to what it once was.  The Holston River was designed in the 1920s around a country club and golf course. It is still the best in the state. The winding roads have a combination of stone cottages and large ornate homes. Long-term residents and professionals in a variety of fields live here.


Since Americans love the suburbs, Knoxville has been moving west steadily. You’ll notice this west along Interstate 40 and its parallel local road, Kingston Pike. You’ll find the most amenities on this side of town. There is shopping and restaurants. Sequoyah Hills is a beautiful Knoxville neighborhood. It is a prestigious area. It is next to a lake called  Fort Loudon. Sequoyah Hills has the very beautifully landscaped Cherokee Boulevard. It is a wonderful place for biking and walking. The homes here vary in size and anything from Tudor to Craftsman. They all have a large price tag. Owning a home in Sequoyah Hills is a sign not just of wealth, but of connecting socially. Business Owners and university professors live here.

Downtown has seen growth recently. There are more amenities, and downtown is liveable with desirable homes. The homes in this neighborhood are primarily Craftsman and Queen Anne style. They have truly come back in the last 20 years, as its residents took interest in improving distressed properties.

When you decide to relocate to Knoxville, TN, you’ll find it has many things to offer.

These include a great transportation infrastructure, mild climate, and access to the Appalachian Mountains. It is the 3rd largest city in Tennessee at just under 140,000 population. You’ll find a neighborhood for you in the city of Knoxville.




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