Tame Frizz with a Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Summertime is just around the corner! For Tennesseans, that means increased heat and humidity that often leads to an undesirable hair texture. This year, prevent fuzz and frizz, repair damage, and reduce styling time with one of Keratin Complex's hair treatments. 

What is keratin?

Keratin is protein found naturally in skin, hair, and nails. It acts as both an external protective shield and an internal structural protein. Keratin is the first thing depleted when hair is damaged physically, chemically, or from environmental factors, such as the sun.

Keratin Complex’s signature keratin is comparable to the keratin present in human hair. When used in product formulations, keratin helps condition, strengthen, revitalize, and repair damage. Keratin gives the hair shine, elasticity, and a more youthful, healthy appearance. 

What is the Smoothing Therapy treatment?

Keratin Complex's Smoothing Therapy treatments are professional treatments powered by keratin. All treatments are performed in-salon by a professional hair stylist. Smoothing Therapy treatments repair damage and breakage, reduce frizz, curl, and unruly fly-aways, and make hair smoother and healthier-looking. They also prevent humidity, the main cause of frizz, from impacting the hair. After a Smoothing Therapy treatment, it’s easier to achieve a flawless blowout at home. The hair is more manageable, so blow drying becomes quicker and easier and daily styling time is significantly reduced.

What are my options?

The full-length Smoothing Therapy is the signature treatment that delivers the longest-lasting results. The Express Blowout is a speedier, smoothing solution that delivers smoother hair without the wait.

How long will my treatment results last?

Treatment longevity may vary depending on the selected treatment, your individual lifestyle, and your at-home maintenance regimen. The full-length Smoothing Therapy delivers results that last up to 5 months, whereas the Express Blowout yields results that last up to 6 weeks. Consistent use of at-home Keratin Complex products, including the collection of sodium chloride-free and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, will help prolong the results of your treatment.

What is the difference in "straightening" and "smoothing?"

Keratin Complex is different than conventional straighteners or relaxers that may break the protein bonds within the hair’s structure, causing each strand to reform into a permanently straight shape. Keratin Complex’s revolutionary technology does no break the hair’s bond, but instead, delivers the versatility of smoother, healthier-looking hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired. 

Four Steps to Smooth Hair

1. The pre-treatment removes surface buildup and prepares the cuticle to allow the treatment to penetrate the hair.

2. During application, the keratin strengthens the natural keratin bonds from within, helping to repair damage and smooth the hair shaft.

3. During the third step, keratin and additional conditioning agents help nourish and strengthen the hair, while restoring smoothness and shine.

4. For the final step, the hair is further adjusted with the assistance of heat—first with a blowdryer and finally with a flat iron. This helps seal in the treatment to create a humidity-resistant finish. 

If you are interested in a Keratin Complex treatment for smoother hair, please contact our Guest Services team at guestservices@pureluxespa.com or 865-474-7873 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our hair stylists. Or visit our Hair Salon page to see all the services we offer for your hair.